So I quit my job.

The tale of a girl stepping out of her comfort zone and into her passion...

04 Nov I. Cannot. Wait. Someone help me! @thebestmanmovie #blackfilm #tayediggs #whatelse

I. Cannot. Wait. Someone help me! @thebestmanmovie #blackfilm #tayediggs #whatelse

22 Jul

What do you think of entrepreneurs who steal ideas?

Something I’ve pondered before. If it’s done better elsewhere, was it never really yours to begin with?


My professor said, that “If your idea didn’t work for you, and the competitor does it better; It only means the idea is not for you.”

Do you think it’s ethical? Should you take things like this personally or just strictly business?

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Posted by Kyo Yamagata.

07 Jul
We talk about a culture of poverty as a way of damnation, but not as a way of comprehension. America loves winners, and tells us that we can all be winners, and it says this at such a volume that when you do not win, you might believe that something deep in your bones condemns you to losing—and believing that you might take whatever is given to you. You might be thankful for your squalor. You might come to believe that it is a divine plan for you to be under and down. I don’t want to overstate this. I simply want to say that if I punch you in the face enough times, and you lack the power to stop me, you might come to believe that it is what you deserve.

Ta-Nehisi Coates (via theatlantic)

06 Jul


Meet the Kelly Chandelier from Gabriel-Scott, a Canadian design duo established in 2012. This fixture combines industrial chic sensibilities with elegance that only a design-saavy connoisseur  could really appreciate! There are so many wonderful things about this fixture. From the clean slinky chains to the bolted metal panels that suspend them, there is a fabric like quality to the way they have utilized a combination of chain styles to create visual interest and lightness. I suggest you wow your future guests with this space worthy piece of sculpture.


04 Jul

American Happiness

I caught an interesting article in Time Magazine. You can see a preview here (you have to be a subscriber for full access).

A few short excerpts - 

"All human beings may come equipped with the pursuit-of-happiness impuse - the urge to find lusher land just over the hill, fatter buffalo in the next valley - but it’s Americans who have codified the idea, written it into the Declaration of Independence and made it a central mandate of the national character."

”..But that’s consumptive happiness, the happiness that comes not from sowing but from reaping, not from building the house but from watching TV in your new living room. That may be the goal of the work, but it’s a goal that, once achieved, can leave us feeling bored.”

"We’ve got all the toys; now we need to relocate the joy, to tap into the propensities that allow us to take pleasure in striving-in, if you will, the pursuit."

"According to the 2012 World Happiness Report, published by the Earth Institute of Columbia University, the U.S. ranks 23rd on a 50 country happiness index, far behind No. 1 Iceland, No. 2 New Zealand, No. 3 Denmark and trailing Singapore, Malaysia, Tanzania, and Vietnam."

"Bertrand Russell used to say, ‘Beggars do not envy millionaires, though of course they will envy other beggars who are more successful."

"While most of us flatter ourselves that we’re above that kind of crassness, consider that every vacation photo you ever posted, every new article of clothing you imagined wearing into the office even as you were paying for it, every new car you bought and parked conspicuously in your driveway instead of invisibly in your garage was motivated by the same look-at-me-impuse."

28 Jun

Dot Dot Dot

Big things coming! Tis all I can say for now.

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24 Jun

Planning My Mural

I’ve been playing around with multiple ideas for the mural I’m painting on a wall in my studio. My style is very mid-century and geometric which is very in right now. I’m just wondering if something like this, while gorgeous, is something I’ll quickly tire of. Hmm….

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23 Jun

Killer graphic art at Buzzbrews on Commerce